Project of the day! Snowdrop Parchment

parchment 4

Here is a lovely project for you to relax with. The lineart of a snowdrop has been traced using the stylus tool and then its border pierced in a grid-design.

The step by step tutorial(with pictures) on how to do this project is available below.

The snowdrop used for this project, is from our previous lineart of the day and Here is the link to the Snowdrop’s lineart (Snowdrop coloured/lineart).

Materials needed

  • Parchment paper,
  • Snowdrop Printable lineart(available in our previous post here),
  • stylus,
  • Parchment grid,
  • 1 needle piercing/pricking tool,
  • Piercing/pricking mat,
  • embossing mat,
  • Metric ruler

parchment 5


STEP 1:  Place printed crocus lineart on the embossing mat, Place parchment paper over printed crocus line art and then trace the crocus image with the stylus/ embossing ball tool.

parchment 6
parchment 8







STEP 2:  using the stylus,Trace the border, using the ruler as a guide.

parchment 7







STEP 3: Place parchment grid on pricking/piercing mat and then place the parchment paper on the parchment grid and pierce/prick the borders as desired.

parchment 9 parchment 10

parchment 3
Grid border pierced






STEP 4: insert a cardstock inside the parchment(this act as insert  while the parchment act as a card-wrap).

parchment 4

parchment 2 parchment 1