20 reasons you should learn to knit

The world needs more knitters  by Picture Getty

Take two needles and a ball or two of wool and before too long you could have whipped up something rather snazzy.

And if snazzyness wasn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why, if you haven’t already, you really should learn to knit…

1. You see a must have piece of knitwear but it’s out of your price range. No problem, you can make it yourself.

2. Haberdasheries are one of the best places in the world. You need more reasons to visit one as often as humanly possible.

3. So much yarn and so little time. The world needs more knitters to put it to good use.

4. After the joy of buying wool there are also many opportunities to buy buttons too. Try button shopping just once. Do it. You’ll never look back.

5. Knitting patterns are timeless. Rifle through patterns at your nearest charity shop and you could stumble upon a cosy roll-neck from the 50s, a batwing cape from the 70s or a slouchy cardi from the 80s.

6. It’s easy. Well it can be. Picking up the basics is child’s play, then you can add to you skills as you grow in confidence. Cable knit anyone?

20 reasons you should learn to knit
You’re never too young to learn (Picture: Getty)

7. You will never be short of something to do on long journeys. In fact, a long train journey is the perfect opportunity to get cracking on your next project.

8. Make new friends at a knit and natter group.

9. You can set up an Etsy shop to flog your latest snood or kindle cover and call yourself an entrepreneur.

10. Knit something for a new baby and the parents will consider your gift the most thoughtful. While most outgrown items get flogged on eBay, your pram coat will be heading straight for the memory box.

11. No item of clothing is made with more love than something you have knitted for your own child.

12. Knitted toys are kitsch and completely wonderful.

13. You have Christmas wrapped up with handmade gifts for all the family, from a tea cosy for nan to an iPad sock for your big sister.

20 reasons you should learn to knit
The possibilities are endless (Picture: Getty)

14. When people find out you knit they think you are super clever and are totally jealous.

15. Knit in random places like down your local or on a park bench and people will think you look cool and alternative. Even if you are knitting a tea cosy for your nan.

16. Never fear turning up somewhere wearing the same thing as someone else – your knitwear is strictly one of a kind.

17. Knitters have been practicing mindfulness, like, for ever. Sitting down with a cup of tea and your feet up, knitting in your lap, is the best kind of relaxation therapy.

18. You can help to yarn bomb your town, helping to beautify the area and probably get your handiwork featured in the local paper too.

19. You will be keeping an age-old tradition going.

20. You will have a useful skill to pass on to the next generation.