A Peek Inside Pantone’s New Color Development

pantone's behind the scene

Ever wonder how Pantone decides which colours to add to their books?

Do you wish that, you could see how the iconic guides and chip books are made?

Now you can PEEK behind the curtain a Pantone’s headquarter to get a firsthand look at the process of selecting and producing 112 new colours for the design community.

112 New Possibilities in Eight Inspiring Color Ranges

The continued influence of the green family led to the addition of a wide array of green shades, including earthy warm yellow-greens, olive-infused shades, deep blue-greens, and citrusy, energetic tones.
With blues becoming more nuanced, we added varying degrees of vibrant aquamarine blues; cooler, ethereal shades; chambray and denim blues, and classic navies.
In the red family, we added a variety of richer, more elegant reds containing both blue and yellow undertones, as well as some deeper wine reds with hints of brown.









We expanded our range of oranges to include variations of this versatile and convivial shade, including radiant orange tones, spicy shades, more toned-down hues suffused with brown, and additional coral-influenced hues.
Falling into shades that are more earth-driven yet luxurious, the new colors in our brown family include robust coffee and chocolate browns, as well as those that are more golden and more red-based.
Trusted, organic, and grounded, neutral shades continue to be important. From sandy beiges to classic taupe shades, our new range of colorful neutrals provide warmth and comfort.









Several of our additions to the pink family are softer in tone, mimicking nature and conveying the rosy glow of good health. We also added more vibrant shades with blue undertones, expressing a more vibrant and playful side.
As purple hues soar and we embrace the more multi-dimensional aspect of purple, we have added vibrant red-based purples, several grayed-down purples with blue undertones, an array of softer midtones, and more mystical purple shades.









Please visit this link to Pantone’s website to watch the videos and for more information.

Link: http://www.pantone.com/112-graphics-colors-2016