Baby’s vest in Line-art, stripes and colour

Baby's vest in line-art

Our Line-art of the day is a short sleeve baby’s vest. You can print the line-art and colour it in a choice of colours. Pictures in variation are available below.

For fashion designer, knitwear designers, Sugar-crafters and greeting cards makers; this line-art can be use in designing a collection and see if it will look stunning.

Print and give the line-art to guest at a baby shower to colour in colour/colours of their choosing.

Cardmakers can print the line-art at the back of a beautiful background paper and then cut it out.

Sugar-crafters/ bakers can use this line-art as a template to make and design a shaped cake , topper for cake, Bas-relief, brush embroidery and much more.

This line-art can be cut out  from fabric and also used as an Appliqué.

Don’t be limited, release your creativity.

We will be using it as a template to make baby card for a new baby or invitations to a naming ceremony and much more.

Baby's vest in colour Baby's vest in stripe and colour variation

Baby's vest in line-art