Spoonflower’s design prompt is back with a hit on weekly prompt

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Spoonflower is bringing the beloved Weekly Design Challenge back, but with a twist! If you live and breathe surface design, then they know that just one challenge per month isn’t enough for you. That’s why they’re now going to be giving you a new prompt each week to get your creative juices flowing.

Not a fan of a certain week’s prompt? Spoonflower’ll have new themes outlined throughout the end of the month so there’s always a selection to choose from. Participate in whichever ones speak to you! 

How it works: To “enter,” all you have to do is upload your design on social media with the hashtag #SFWeeklyDesign during the week of the theme you’ve chosen. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr all count as social media.

Will there be voting? There will not be traditional voting happening on the Spoonflower’s site, but designs with the most likes and comments will be featured by Spoonflower on their blog and social channels.

Will there be prizes? At the end of each month, participants who use the hashtag #SFWeeklyDesign will be randomly chosen to receive prizes. Prizes could range from free design books and tools, Creative Cloud subscriptions, Spoonflower credit (or credit for one of their sister’s brands, Sprout Patterns and Roostery) to free fabric, etc!

Do I need to upload my design to Spoonflower? The purpose of the Weekly Prompts is to keep the community inspired and challenged. To participate, it’s not required to upload your design to Spoonflower, but strongly encouraged so you can start earning commissions if it sells!

Is this related at all to the official Monthly Design Challenges? Nope! This is just a little something extra because why not?

Where do I find the weekly prompts? You’ll always be able to find the weekly prompts on the Spoonflower’s blog in the upper right corner or by going here.

How do you choose the themes? Themes are chosen by seasonality, but also by what’s trending and what’s frequently being searched for on the Spoonflower’s site. By designing around trending topics, your designs will be more likely to succeed in the Marketplace.

May’s Themes

May 9 – 15: Floral Dinosaurs 

Sometimes two things that don’t usually go together just seem to go together so well…

May 16 – 22: Migratory Birds 

Celebrate the incredible journey that migratory birds take each year! They travel thousands of miles between breeding grounds in North America, and their winter homes in Central and South America. Heading outside for a hike to admire birds in their natural habitat is not required but strongly encouraged.

May 23 – 29: Limited Color Palette Hawaiian Shirt

Because who doesn’t love a good Hawaiian shirt to welcome the official start of grilling season in the Northern Hemisphere? Please use each color in its full opacity. Black and White are permitted, but you must use at least three colors from the color palette as well.

New color palette

use hex codes: #FF68FE, #0D236B, #71FFBE, #F1F89B, #FFBD6B

– See more at: http://blog.spoonflower.com/#sthash.07mvmx4m.dpuf