The Hat Stand is returning to Sheffield Soon

The Hat Stand returning to sheffield soon
This summer, a trio of Sheffield milliners are launching the only dedicated hat shop in the Northern English city’s centre for over 30 years. The pop-up shop, in the Winter Garden, will be open from June 2-29, 2016.
The hat makers, Amanda Moon, Siobhan Nicholson and Sophie Cooke, will be showcasing their new collections of ready to wear hats and fascinators. The milliners will also be on hand to offer advice about how to choose a hat, as well as offering consultations for bespoke creations.
As part of Sheffield’s Year of Making, there will also be a series of short demonstrations and talks about their specialist and traditional making skills.
The Hat Stand is now in its third year and continues to grow, as does the friendship between these three women who realized they could achieve more collectively than just working individually.
Throughout the rest of the year, the milliners work independently. “For lone workers like us, collaboration is key and I couldn’t wish for better collaborators,” emphasized Sophie Cooke of Imogen’s Imagination. “Working with Siobhan and Amanda is great fun and we each have different skills, experience and strengths, so by working together, we are a formidable team! This great support doesn’t just dry up when The Hat Stand ends, though, I have a great mini girl-gang throughout the year.”
Amanda Moon of Amanda Moon Headwear enthused, “I’m so glad we’re back again. We meet so many fantastic people who enjoy and are intrigued by our headwear and it’s just lots of good fun. The Hat Stand started as a casual chat and has now become a successful reality!”
“I love being part of The Hat Stand!” agreed Siobhan Nicholson of Siobhan Nicholson Millinery. “Hat Stand is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach people who just don’t know what is available from independent designers and makers. In addition, the other events and workshops we have set up in previous years have been a huge success for all involved. We inspire each other to keep inventing and making as well as sharing support, knowledge and skills. We are a great team!”
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Culled from, Becky Weaver (HaTalk editor).