NIGEL MAY, JACQUI JOSEPH and DAVE BRADFORD will shortly be joining the rapidly growing presenter dream team at The Craft Channel.

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The craft channel  is delighted to announce that NIGEL MAY, JACQUI JOSEPH and DAVE BRADFORD will shortly be joining its rapidly growing presenter dream team here at The Craft Channel.

They can’t wait to have them on board – watch this space for more information!


  1. Really great news great addition too your great team of presenters Nigel has been great over the years you really felt you where a part of a great crafting family.Dave is a good steady presenter with lots experience.Jacqui is a very talented lady with a lot to share with us crafters I know when they join they will add a great deal to The Craft Channel congratulations.

  2. I just love Nigel May, Dave Bradford and Jacqui Joseph presenting craft programmes. Unfortunately I can’t receive The Craft Channel on my tv, so very disappointed as I won’t be able to catch up with them. When will this channel be able to viewed on Freeview.

  3. Goodness gracious. What is the point of having a new craft tv channel when practically everybody from Create and Craft ends up on it, with their stupid jokes and phrases? What will then make The Craft Channel unique?

    The Craft Channel was doing so well – informative, full of techniques and demos; entertaining, fun but professional. I hope the tone doesn’t go any lower.

  4. Great news
    This is all a craft channel needs
    Nigel May and his smutty jokes
    Switched off each time he presented a show on create and craft will do the same on the craft channel

  5. Too right about Nigel May and his smutty stories and attempts at double entendres! Otherwise the others will be a bonus to the Craft Channel but hope it stays professional as before.

  6. I was disappointed to hear that the Nigel May show was transferring to The Craft Channel, so I’m pleased that he has gone. Now we just need er-Jacqui (stunning, stunning, absolutely stunning, er, stunning) Joseph to be restricted to sewing programmes where she may actually be interested enough to do some prep. Welcome Dave, you should fit in beautifully, always a pleasure to watch.

    • I agree about comments on Jacqui Joseph she is a turn off thinks she knows it all takes over from the demonstrates wouldn’t be surprised if that’ why Leslie Whorton left being compared to Viviebe Westwood by Jacque what an insults

  7. I was disappointed to learn that Jacqui Joseph is to join the craft channel I didn’t particularly take to her on create and craft she’s to pushy and controlling and thinks she knows it all, i hope she stays where she is.

  8. just seen Dave Bradford on hochanda!!!SO SO pleasesd Nigel May leaving c&c lets hope he disappears from tele for good, Always turns interesting chat from guests to himself!!!!

    • Just found Dave Bradford on Hochanda. So glad he has joined the team he always has been a good presenter. So much better than some of the other men on the channel.

  9. Was Dave made redundant? Should the craft channel still be running ads for their loyalty club when in administration?

  10. Dave and most of the people who used to work for The Craft Channel have now popped up on Hochanda and Create and Craft. Nigel never started working at the Craft Channel and I hope that the others whom I haven’t seen pop up yet do find other jobs. What happened to the Craft Channel and their customers was awful and I hope that those owed money managed to reclaim some of it.

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