Spoonflower Partners with Betabrand clothing company for the July 2016, design challenge with a theme “double take”

In July Spoonflower is partnering with Betabrand Clothing Company and the theme will be Double Take, meaning designs that are not quite what they seem.

Betabrand is a crowdsourced, crowdfunded clothing company based in San Francisco that specializes in clothing that does double duty (Dress Pant Yoga Pants, anyone?).

 Spoonflower is teaming up to find designs that are not quite what they seem at a first glance.

Spoonflower and Betabrand clothing are looking for quirky new takes on classic patterns, designs that reveal more than meets the eye upon a second glance, an allover print that could be two things at once, or simply something original, bold, and sure to invite conversation.

Designs will be previewed at the fat-quarter size (21″ x 18″) and must be original and created just for Spoonflower and Betabrand Double Take Design Challenge.

Visit Spoonflower’s blog for some inspiration and specifications and stay tuned for  the full Design Challenge details and exciting prizes on July 1.

Please, visit the link below for more inspiration.



betabrand clothing and spoonflower double take design challenge

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