Free knitting pattern: Lady’s Striped V Neck Sleeveless top in Wendy DK to Wool’n’thread members on Thomas B. Ramsden

Here is a free pattern from Thomas B. Ramsden to Wool’n’ thread  club members.
You can download it below.
If you are a machine-knitter, you can also knit this sleeveless top, using a different stitch pattern(tuck, stockinet and so on).
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Download the Lady’s Striped V Neck Sleeveless top in Wendy DK   free pattern in Wendy DK.
Shown here in Wendy Supreme but it would look equally as stunning in Robin DK, Wendy Fleur or Pixile!
To join Wool ‘n’ thread club, Visit Thomas B. Ramsden’s site below and click on wool’n’thread( right side of the webpage).


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