Millinery: Guy Morse-Brown’s Fedora hat Blocks – CB141(crown) and BB55(brim) are the blocks of month – How2hats

According to Owen(in How2hats)-who often can be found making a block to block a hat for himself after hours!

“It’s a moment I’ve been planning for a while as CB141 is a favourite of mine and after a few hats, this one is my best so far! I love the deep dimples and well defined ridges and the design comes from an original block from the early 20th century,” .

If you’ve not made a fedora before, Owen has put together some notes on the making process on the website here.
For the month of August you can enjoy 15% off the regular price of these blocks, along with the brim legs. That’s £379.10 if you live in the European Union (inc VAT) or £315.92 if you live elsewhere in the world.

To take up this great offer call Owen today on +44 (0)1380 859756 or  send an email to and we can get yours on the workbench for you. 
Guy Morse-Brown Fedora Blocks - CB141 and BB55
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