Project/Tutorial: Making Ribbon bows using bow maker

Our project of the day is how to make a ribbon bow using the bow maker.

Ribbon bow image 7

Material needed

Bow maker,


Ribbon 1/2 metre to 1 metre, width of choice



Step 1: place ribbon behind the pegs on bow maker and then bring the ribbon to the front.

Ribbon bow image 1

Step 2:  Cross the ribbon(left over right or right over left).

Ribbon bow image 2

Step 3:  Take the right side ribbon and pass it under the left side ribbon( See pic).Ribbon bow image 3

Step 4: Bring the right side of ribbon( in step 3- passed under the left side),over the top of the ribbon loop (See pic).Ribbon bow image 4

Step 5: Tie into a knot to secure.Ribbon bow image 5

Step 6: Remove from pegs.

Ribbon bow image 6

  • Use the ribbon bow in cardmaking,
  • Add embellishment to craft projects,
  • Add hair pins to it and use as hair accessories,
  • and much more.

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