Product of the day: Hand-knitting needle

Hand knitting needle is our featured product of the day.

As pointy as these needles, they can be use in making/producing different shape and beautiful knitwear when used with yarn/wool.

Knitting needles come in various style/type, size and length.

Photo: Child plastic-knitting-needles
Photo: Bamboo-knitting-needle
Photo: Hand- Knitting needles and yarn

The size of the knitting needles affects the size of the stitch and swatch gauge( The bigger the needle size the bigger the stitch -size that will be made).

Knitting needles are made from different materials like, Plastic, steel, bamboo and much more.

Styles/type of knitting needles can be,

  • Double pointed(DPN),
  • cables (bent or straight)
  • circular
  • Single pointed(Regular)


And the style/type of knitting needles are used in knitting different projects or stitch pattern;

For example,

  • the double pointed needle is used for knitting I-chord, socks and much more.
  • Cable knitting needle can be used in knitting cable stitches, holding stitches and much more.
  • Circular knitting needles can be used in knitting large projects which requires a lengthy needle, circular projects and much more.

Size of knitting needle ranges from 2mm  to 15mm depend on the manufacturer. Some manufacturer,s  do produce custom size.

Photo: 4 1/2 mm hand-knitting needle






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