Tutorial: Embossed Dandelion wishes/whispers on Parchment using Plaidcrafts (Plaid® Enterprise) florals and layer trellis stencils

A lovely embossed card using the Plaid® Enterprise (pladicrafts) flowers and layer trellis stencils.

Material needed.

Plaid Enterprise stencil- flowers(WM30730E) and layer trellis stencils.

Parchment paper A4

Card stock A4- Navy and silver

Liquid glue

Parchment tool- small ball tool, shader

Masking tape


Scoreboard with its scoring tool

Parchment embossing mat



STEP 1: Place the stencil (width-wise/ in a landscape position) on the parchment paper, Mark the end of the stencil to determine the area for the flap and fold line. Place the silhouette stencil on the patterned stencil.



STEP 2: Place masking tape on the stencil mask(this is to line the design and outline the masked area where the dandelion will be embossed). If satisfied with the placement, remove the silhouette stencil but leave the mask and the pattern as shown in the pictures. Place masking tape to secure stencils to the parchment paper. Place embossing mat under parchment paper and emboss design of the patterned stencil.


STEP 3: Flip the parchment paper (working at the debossed side of the embossed stencil design), Place the dandelion on the parchment paper and emboss the dandelion design. The shader tool can be used for the leaves.


STEP 5: Score the marked end of the stencil(Step 1) for the flap.


STEP 6: Apply glue to the inside-flap of the parchment paper.


STEP 8: Place the navy-blue cardstock on the parchment flap.


STEP 9: Apply glue on the front flap of the parchment.


STEP 10: Glue a strip of silver cardstock to the front of parchment and navy-blue cardstock to cover the glue mark.

Photo: front of parchment card with silver strip glued to the flap.
Photo: Inside of parchment card.


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