Season greetings: Create and Craft TV wish viewers a merry Christmas with a song featuring “12 Christmas crafting”

Create and Craft TV charm their viewers with a song focusing on “12 Christmas crafting” performed by “A Handful of Harmonies ( A creative singing group)”

Dean Wilson(Create and Craft TV presenter) features at the end

  • On the first(1st) day- A new Todo (Die cutting, foiling, letterpress and embossing machine)
  • On the second(2nd) day- Two craft magazines
  • On the third(3rd) day- Three CD-Roms (* digital crafting which can be applied to any craft  of your desire)
  • On the fourth(4th) day-  Christmas cards
  • On the fifth(5th) day- Five gingerbread men
  • On the sixth(6th) day- Quilter quilting
  • On the seventh(7th) day- Sewers sewing
  • On the eighth(8th) day- Stampers stamping
  • On the ninth (9th) day- Beaders beading
  • On the tenth(10th) day- Knitters knitting
  • On the eleventh (11th) day- Painter’s painting
  • On the twelveth (12th) day- Bakers baking

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