Sugarcraft: Wilton® inspires five(5) ways to decorate Gingerbread house

Create and decorate your own Winter wonderland Gingerbread village as Wilton® inspires you in five(5) ways to be creative with festive Gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread HouseKit
Gingerbread HouseKit
  1. Red Colour food mist spray
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Rosy red colour mist Gingerbread house

Red Color Mist Food ColorSpray


2. Using red Icing pouch with tips

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North pole cottage Gingerbread house

Red Icing Pouch withTips


3. White sugar pearls sprinkle

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Winter wonderland Gingerbread house

White Sugar PearlsSprinkles


4. Colour right food coloring system

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Written on the walls Color Right Gingerbread house

Color Right Food ColoringSystem

5. Color swirl three(3) color coupler

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Christmas color swirl Gingerbread house


Color Swirl 3-ColorCoupler Decorating Kit

Phot credit: Wilton®