What I am currently working on: My Vintage entry for the Makeittoday Create and Craft TV dressmaker of the year competition

I am working on my vintage entry for the dressmaker of the year competition by Create and Craft TV and Brother (sewing machine).

I have been sewing recently and to be truthful, I am enjoying it. Let me make use of the sewing bee’s MUSE before a different craft MUSE takes over- I am suspecting the card-making\papercrafting and digital painting muse.

I have finished the entry for the Ready to wear category and I have entered it. Can’t show you the pictures yet because of the terms and conditions.

You can read about the competion on the previous post here(http://craftersengagement.com/2017/01/competition-be-crowned-the-dressmaker-of-the-year-as-brother-teams-with-create-and-craft-tv-in-makeittodays-sewing-competition/) or visit the makeittoday’s link below.

You can enter the competition here.


Vintage dress material preview for entry for Makeittoday create and craft brother competition

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