Tutorial: Stunning jotter for mum

Mums love writing task to do, what to buy and much more. Here is a stunning jotter to make as a gift for mother’s day.

Materials needed

Comb binder

Liquid glue- UHU

Paper trimmer or guillotine

Copier paper A4 x20 or more

Pattern cardstock: stripe A4 (I used from our previous printable here http://craftersengagement.com/2015/01/free-printables-for-the-month-of-january/  )

Patterned cardstock: Spots A5 ( I used from our mother’s day printable here http://craftersengagement.com/2015/01/free-printables-for-the-month-of-january/ )

Ribbon:  7mm width 1 metre(length)- colours of choice( green, turquoise blue)

Comb binder



Step 1: Trim A4 copier paper in half to make A5 paper.

Step 2: Trim pattern cardstock in half to make the A5 cover.

Step 3: Place the A5 copier paper in the punching area of the comb binder and then punch using A4 setting on the knob. Do the same for the patterned cardstock (take note of the punch slot when punching the covers- add the two patterned side together so that it fits properly when assembling the jotter. ( For this project I want the plain side on the front).


Step 4: Cut the A5 spot-cardstock in half. Glue the spot-patterned cardstock to the front of the cover- cardstock. Trim excess patterned cardstock.


Step 5:  Tie ribbon to the front of jotter cover.


Step 6: Place comb-ring/ binding comb and then insert the back cover of the jotter. Insert the copier papers next.

Step 7: Cut the excess binding comb.


Step 8: Using a nail file or nail buffer, file the sharp edges of the binding comb( this act prevents the sharp edge from cutting anyone).