Papercraft: Let’s visit the wild and introduce some animal’s skins into our crafts with Joanna Sheen’s new “animal patchwork” Signature craft dies

Joanna Sheen’s new animal patchwork dies will take your craft project a trip to the wild whilst introducing animal’s skins to your work of art.

Read the press release below.

Something new and a bit different today. The recent release of safari related dies were such a success, we hope you will like these new ones just as much. They are various animal patterns in a square, which you can repeat cut to make a background of say just giraffe or a mixed patchwork to make a different effect for your card.

I think they are bold and beautful and apart from going so well with the animal themes, I think they might be fun for fashion related designs or just as a different background. You can buy each animal pattern individually or as a much better deal – buy the set of four and save money as well!


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