Day 11 of 30 days with Strawberry: Decorate a traybake cake with double cream and fresh Strawberries

Transform a plain traybake cake by decorating it with double cream and fresh strawberries.



Self-raising flour 300g

Sugar 100g

Butter 125g

Ice-cream/milk 271 millilitres

Fresh eggs x2


For filling

Fresh Strawberries

Double cream




Baking tray



Electric mixer machine with beater hook



Step 1: Beat butter and sugar until soft and creamy.


Step 2: Add the eggs and beat the mixture.


Step 3: Add the flour and continue mixing with the beater hook.


Step 4: Add the ice-cream and continue mixing.


Step 5: Beat until mixture is smooth.


Step 6: Grease the tray with unsalted butter or place a baking parchment paper.


Step 7: Pour mixture into the baking tray.


Step 8: Level the mixture in the baking tray and then bake in the oven at 150 degree Celsius for 45mins.


Step 9: When the cake is ready, put on a wire tray to cool.


Step 10: Whisk the double cream until it forms soft peaks or the streak of the whisk starts forming. *Be careful not to whisk the double cream into butter.


Step 11: Spread the whisked cream on the traybake cake.


Step 12: Place the washed fresh strawberries on the top of the double cream and traybake cake to act as a decoration.



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