Day 12 of 30 days with Strawberry: Make two-tone strawberry ice-cream

Strawberry puree can be added to plain ice-cream to add colour and fruity taste to it.


Ice cream




Step 1: Wash and hull the Strawberries.


Step 2: Put the Strawberries in the jug blender and then grind until they are pureed.


Step 3: Split the plain ice-cream into three(3) bowls.


Step 4: Add a little Strawberry puree to the second(2nd) bowl of ice-cream. Add much Strawberry puree to the third(3rd) bowl of ice-cream. Leave the first (1st) bowl of ice-cream plain.


Step 5: Stir the ice cream and strawberry puree in the second(2nd) bowl to create a ripple effect. Mix the ice-cream and strawberry in the third(3rd) bowl until the mixture is pink.

Freeze the ice-cream or put in an ice-cream maker to churn.


Step 6: When the ice-cream is ready, scoop the plain ice-cream into the dessert bowl.


Step 7: Scoop the strawberry ripple ice cream into the dessert bowl.


Step 8: Scoop the dense colour strawberry ice-cream and then put it in the dessert bowl.


Step 10: Decorate with Strawberry puree and an ice-cream wafer cone( I cut off the upper part of the cone wafer using a serrated knife).



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