Day 8 of 30 days with Strawberry: Enjoy pancake with fresh Strawberries


Maple syrup or golden syrup

Milk (Liquid) 0.15litres

Plain flour 100grams


Fresh egg x 1

Butter salted


Frying pan


Serving plate




Step 1: Put flour in a bowl and then add the egg to it.


Step 2: Add the milk and whisk the mixture\batter until it is smooth(no lumps).


Step 3: To grease the frying pan, put a little butter in the pan. Put on the cooker and use a low heat to prevent the butter from burning(I use an electric hobb, I used 4 on the cooker because 6 is the highest on my cooker).


Step 4: To fry the pancake, add the pancake-batter to the melted butter in the frying pan.

Step 5: When the sides/edges of the pancake start lifting from the pan, turn the pancake with a “fish slice utensil” to cook its other side.


Step 6: Allow the other side of the pancake to cook.


Step 7: When the pancake is ready, place it on a plate and then add the washed fresh strawberries. Eat with or without a syrup.



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