Day 9 of 30 days with Strawberry: Pear, lemon and Strawberry fruit salad

Enjoy a strawberry fruit salad with or without other fruits. I made this Strawberry, pear and lemon fruit salad without sugar syrup because I am cutting down on sugar. You can use orange or any citrus juice if you don’t like the tangy\zing taste of the lemon. (This fruit salad is very zesty).





Sugar -water syrup(optional) I didn’t use this because I am cutting on my sugar intake.


Dessert bowl

Vegetable peeler




Step 1: Wash, hull and dice the strawberries.


Step 2: Remove the skin of the pear using a vegetable slicer. Dice the pear.


Step 3: Juice the lemon. If you desire a Sugar syrup, then make the Sugar syrup using sugar and water.( Dissolve sugar in hot or  warm water and leave to cool).


Step 4: Put the diced fruit in a bowl and then pour the lemon juice over it. *If you are using Sugar-water syrup, then pour it over the fruits. Enjoy.



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