Day 19 Of 30 Days With Lemon: Make Lemon Loaf

Delicious lemon loaf using the zest and juice of lemons is another interesting way of enjoying a lemon.


Lemons: juice and zest

Plain flour or Self-raising flour or bread flour

Pinch of salt



Unsalted butter

Fresh whole milk



Step 1: Put the flour and the yeast in a bowl and then mix together.


Step 2: Put milk in a bowl and then warm in the microwave until it is hot. Add the butter, sugar and a pinch of salt to the hot milk.


Step 3: Pour the melted butter, milk and sugar mixture into the flour with yeast and then mix.


Step 4: Remove the zest from the lemons using the citrus zester. Extract the juice from the lemons.


Step 5: Add the lemon zest and the lemon juice to the dough and then mix or knead.


Step 6: Grease the baking pan and then put the dough in the baking pan. Cover the dough with a cling film until it rises( double its size). Bake in a moderate oven 150 degree Celsius middle layer of the oven.


Step 7: Enjoy the loaf.

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