Day 23 Of 30 Days With Lemon: Make Lemon Ice-Cream

Treat yourself to a zesty lemon ice cream made with lemon juice, vanilla ice cream and lemon zest.


Lemon:- Juice and Zest

Plain ice cream or Vanilla Ice cream



Step 1: Wash and zest the lemons using a citrus zester.


Step 2: Cut the lemons into halves and then extract the juice using a juice extractor.


Step 3: Scoop some icecream into a freezer bowl with lid.


Step 4: Add the lemon juice to the ice cream in the bowl and then mix.


Step 5: Add the lemon zest to the ice cream and then mix.  Put the lemon ice cream into the freezer to freeze.


Step 6: Cover the remaining zest with cling film to prevent it from drying out.


Step 7: When the ice cream is ready, scoop some into a dessert bowl and then garnish with the lemon zest(the one that is covered with the cling film).



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