Craft Selling Investigation: Advertising Standard Authority LTD(ASA) Ruling on Ideal Shopping Direct Ltd t/a Create and Craft

The ASA investigated two teleshopping ads on  Idealworld/ Create and Craft TV in respect to Disney’s craft dies below are the rulings.

Read the press release below.

Two teleshopping ads, broadcast on the Create and Craft Channel, promoted a Disney die set with paper pad:

a. The first ad was broadcast between 7 pm and 9 pm on 18 May 2017. On-screen text stated “Disney Beauty and the Beast Theatrical A Romance Beyond Words Limited Edition with Paper Pad CLUB PRICE £26.99 Create and Craft Price £29.99 UK P&P £1.49”. One presenter stated, “… We have to decide how many we want to make and we have to sign a very important piece of paper that says that once we’ve manufactured those, we then destroy the plate so it can’t ever come back. So it is absolutely a true limited edition.” The other presenter then stated, “If you are a collector of Disney products, you’re going to want to get this, whether you are a crafter or not … if you are getting it as a collector, you probably won’t take it out of the packet. Because of course, who is to say in a few years’ time, because it’s limited edition, it could be worth a lot.” The same presenter also stated, “… A certain amount of these are made and once they’re gone, they are gone. The original plate is destroyed and they will not be made again … If you are a crafter, of course you will be wanting to craft with this. But you might want to get a second one just to keep it in its packaging, to keep for years to come. Who knows what it will be worth.”

b. The second ad was broadcast between 9 am and 10 am on 21 May 2017. It included the same on-screen text as in ad (a). One of the presenters stated, “… When we say limited edition, we really mean limited edition … We’ve got a wonderful die and paper, which we will go into but what happens with this once they’re gone.” The other presenter then said, “So we decided which artwork we want to use, decided how many we want to manufacture. The plate is made, the dies are manufactured and the plate is destroyed. We have to sign … a very important document saying that will happen so it absolutely is a true limited edition. When it’s gone, it will never come back again.” The same presenter then explained the components of the package and stated “… I would buy two personally. I would buy one to use and one to keep in the packaging because who knows what this is going to be, you know, in a few years’ time.”



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