Sunny Choi from Hong Kong Knitting shares his new invention ‘WeaveR Electric Yarn Winder’ as he seeks for ‘backers’ on Kickstarter

See the new WeaveR Electric yarn winder by Sunny Choi from Hong Kong Knitting on Kickstarter.
Read the press release below.
My dear customer:

I am Sunny Choi Thank you for supporting me over these years and it’s my pleasure to serve you. 

I would like to share my new invention – WeaveR Electric Yarn Winder is now live on Kickstarter. This is a time saving electric yarn winder with adjustable speed mode/ Wax stand & tension adjustment/ Rotation Counter/ Table Clamp-free features. Very handy and high efficiency.

WeaveR Electric Yarn Winder is now on Kickstarter for US$ 99.


A video, detailed description, my story and much more on this Kickstarter Project Link  :


The aim of  WeaveR

I spent most of the time finding a better parts and materials to ensure the safety and lower the cost. A high quality and reasonable price is what I aim for. WeaveR Electric Yarn Winder is now on Kickstarter for US$ 99.


How WeaveR benefit you?

For machine knitter, Yarn will become smoother and Anti-static when the yarn pass through our high-quality yarn wax stand on the WeaveR , the whole weaving process will become smooth. So now you have more time to plan your next knitting project.

Our first Crowdfunding project: WeaveR electric yarn winder has gone live

After a year of researching and developing. I am so excited to announce to you the way of better knitting – WeaveR electric yarn winder that improves yarn quality.

Here’s a guide for how to support me on Kickstarter:


Please share my project if you like what I am making. Don’t keep WeaveR a Secret. 


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