Career Opportunities in Crafts: Machine Knitter

Getting the hand knitting look in a quick time is effective with knitting machines.

Lots of career opportunities are opened to the machine knitter and some are listed below.

  • Teacher: Knitting machine like every other machine has a learning curve and machine knitters are needed to teach the use of this versatile and creative equipment.


  • Magazine: Inspirations are needed in the different season as knitwear demands rises.


  • Book Publisher: You can publish books on machine knitting.


  • Knitwear designer: Build a career as a knitwear designer to bring out fashionable\ stylish knitwear during the seasons.


  • Design Team: Sample makers are needed after the knitwear has been designed. Yarn manufacturers need sample makers for the different types of yarns made


  • Product designer: Lots of new products to aid in machine knitting.


  • Knitting machine engineer: Knitting machines need maintenance. Some knitting machines are electronic and need an expert engineer to fix them. Even the punchcard knitting machine do need an engineer too.


  • Knitting machine seller: Potential customers and regular machine knitters will want to buy or upgrade their knitting machine.


  • Machine knitting blogger: The blogger will bring discussion or news about knitting machine manufacturers, knitwear designers, knitwear sample makers, knitwear customers and much more.


  • Event organizer: You can help in organizing machine knitting events to bring in both manufacturers, machine knitters(experts and amateur), investors and much more.


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