Say it with hearts: Make a heart-shaped pizza

Let’s enjoy some heart shaped Chicken and Pepperoni Pizza.

Pizza dough(bread dough), Mild Cheddar Cheese(grated), Lightly fried and shredded chicken breast, Pepperoni, Tomato pizza sauce, baking tray, baking paper, heart shape pan, spatula.

Step 1: Roll out the pizza dough.


Step 2: Place the heart-shaped pan in the middle of the pizza dough. Place some grated cheese around the heart-shaped pan as shown below.


Step 3: Roll in the edges of the pizza dough to conceal the cheese- this makes a stuffed crust pizza. Remove the heart-shaped pan.

Note: The dough is soft therefore it is advisable to work on a baking paper to help in lifting your finished pizza into the baking tray to prevent it from breaking or cracking.


Step 4: Spread the tomatoes paste in the heart-shaped opening. Sprinkle grated cheese over the tomatoes paste and then add shredded chicken breast. Top with pepperoni if desired and bake in a moderate oven 150 degree Celcius.





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