For a Just Cause! Knitters and Crocheters, ST Thomas Hospital needs your help to make bonding squares for its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

ST Thomas Hospital has run out of bonding square and the hospital needs the help of crocheters and knitters to make some.

From the screenshot.

St Thomas’s Hospital have run out of bonding squares on their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Bonding Squares are pairs of 5 inch by 5 inch knitted or crochet squares(any colour, design and wool- please do be aware it needs to be washable in a machine for accidental spit up moments).

One square is put with the poorly baby and the other square is with the parent and then these are swapped over daily.

They are so crucial for little superstar premature babies or poorly newborns and parents who are separated at such a stressful time.

Please, please please dig out your knitting needles if you can and help our tiny humans.

Please send them to:

Neonatal unit

St Thomas Hospital

Westminster bridge road



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  1. Do you require small and prem hats and
    Bonding squares
    I have a supply that I have knitted but cannot find anywhere to send them

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