I’ve been in the process of leaving the quilting industry over the past 18 months, and in October my last collection, Natural Beauty, will be released- Amy Butler

Amy Butler is leaving the quilting Industry and by October her last collection “Natural Beauty” will be released.

Read the press release below.

I have been excited to share this message and at the same time… I’ve been extremely nervous… there is so much I want to express. As my family in my creative world, I need to tell you how important you are to me and how much I love getting to be a part of your life. I see us as a community of souls loving and supporting each other as we evolve and experience life head on. In this spirit of change and growth it’s important that I share my next steps with you.
I’ve been in the process of leaving the quilting industry over the past 18 months, and in October my last collection, Natural Beauty, will be released. I’d been working on my departure contract with with the FreeSpirit team before they initially closed, and I experienced the rollercoaster with you when thankfully the Fortunoff family bought the company. That brought me a great deal of relief in thinking about what would happen to all of artists and team members. This is also why I’ve waited so long to tell you, because I felt it was important that everything was back on board, flowing and moving smoothly for everyone and the new owners.
This has been a massive decision for me. It’s been hard to imagine how I could say goodbye to so many people who have allowed me to share in their lives and who have made mine unforgettable. I’ve been blessed to have enjoyed the relationships, love and inspirations by being a part of the most creative collective of artists I’ll ever know. I’ve grown up in this industry, gone through major life changes and discovered myself through the grace of being a part of this community and getting to share my passions getting to do what I love, and doing it with you.
Through processing my decision I’ve had to grapple with letting go of not designing fabric ( an eternal love for me! ) and dealing with my fears of taking new risks and making big changes. What I’ve learned is I have to listen to my heart even if what it tells me looks nothing like what I am currently doing. The changes and evolution I’ve experienced personally, creatively and professionally over the past 4 years has prepared me for this moment. And when I look back on my life and my studio creation with Dave, we’ve shifted dramatically over the years, and will do so many times more. Honestly, this shift has been the hardest for me, I’m not sure if it’s the stage of life I’m in.. if I put too much weight on the financial security of not making changes because I hadn’t dealt with old fears about prosperity, putting too much weight in identifying with being a successful artist and maybe that that couldn’t happen in a new way… all of these fears had been getting in my way. Trusting my heart and knowing that I can figure this out by crafting my new dream and taking actions from that space, has pulled me forward. My passion will not let me do otherwise… all of this has helped me deal with the fears and that’s why I’m sitting on the other side of my decision extremely excited about what’s next, and getting to share that with you!
I have so many songs to sing and I don’t know exactly how it’s all going to play out.. but it’s working out. The trajectory with Blossom magazine has been stunning.. a heart’s calling. It makes me deeply happy to be a creator and allow this form of self expression come through me the way that it has. I have so much gratitude for all that I’ve experienced and look ahead with wild enthusiasm for what’s coming.. for me.. for all of us.
Thank you for embracing me always and for embracing my new chapter of growth that will allow me to share more of my full self. I would not have this opportunity without all of you and the incredible quilting industry. I love you dearly.
With Much Gratitude,

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