Three Months Craft Challenge: Machine Knitted Round Neck Jumper\ Sweater

To conclude this week’s three months craft challenge, we made a machine knitted round-neck jumper.

The welt, wristband and neckband of the jumper have been knitted with the Mauve colour paintbox yarn by Thomas B. Ramsden while the bodice and sleeves have been knitted in Lavender Double Knit yarn by Thomas B. Ramsden.

This jumper is made to fit an Eight year old.

We have videos on Anino TV Youtube that take one through how to knit the bodice, sleeves of the jumper and also assembling the jumper. (V- neck jumper).

Our 0-3 months old video on Anino TV Youtube can be used in knitting this jumper especially the round neckband, just omit the gathered gown.


Materials needed

100% Acrylic Double Knit yarn- Lavender(53) Robin by Thomas B. Ramsden

Self patterning 100% Acrylic Double Knit yarn- Mauve Robin Paintbox by Thomas B. Ramsden

SK280 Knitting Machine- any flat bed knitting machine can be used

Cast on comb- for the knitting machine that is being used.

Sewing Machine

Sewing Thread- Lavender





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