Craft storage: Let’s take a look at the £549 Narnia Craft unit

About the Narnia Craft Unit

A versatile multi storage unit perfect for Crafters, Childrens work stations and hidden offices. This unit is designed to hide away those untidy projects that you may be working on.

Supplied in Raw MDF ready for you to decorate as you need to suit your own environment.

Made from commercial grade MDF and Proffessionally CNC routered to ensure a perfect panel fit, the Narnia Work station is a simple to build (albeit rather large) Flat pack storage solution.

The Narnia Work station is the 3rd generation model of the Popular Narnia Craft station. The standard unit comes complete with adjustable shelving and Fold out desk.

16no large shelves 562 x 300
16no small shelves 264 x 300
3no large shelves 598 x 280
1no Fold out Desk (open) 596 x 680

Closed Dimensions :- 1833 x 600 x 1200
Open Dimensions :- 1833 x 300 x 2400 (minimum space required 1800)