“I’ve landed here with an open heart and I’m feeling incredibly honored to share my last quilting fabric collection for FreeSpirit called Natural Beauty” Amy Butler writes as she celebrates her new transition\ journey and her last fabric collection Natural Beauty

Amy Butler speaks of her new journey and last fabric collection “Natural Beauty”.
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“What a joy to travel the way of the heart” ~ Rumi
This newsletter is a celebration! A touch point for gratitude. I’ve landed here with an open heart and I’m feeling incredibly honored to share my last quilting fabric collection for FreeSpirit called “Natural Beauty”. The timing for my inspiration is perfect and captures exactly where I am in my life. Grounded in my evolution, aligned with nature, beauty, family history and my artistry.
My fabric lines have always been about giving and offering inspiration and connection. I believe as artists it’s a privilege to enjoy our gifts and to use them as a means of service to others. It’s also an awesome outlet for sharing love and enjoying the beauty of self- expression, which inevitably pays forward as makers unite and share from their wealth of creativity that goes on and on and on!
This collection is inspired by my fascination and love for wild creatures, plants and flowers which started when I was very young spending hours with my Mom and Grandma in the woods, on the rivers and under the stars. They’re artists too and they taught me the value of experiencing the beauty in nature, and with unspoken words, guided more by feeling, we all felt the love, magnanimous positive vibrations and grounding peace that the wild world offers us. It’s magical, evolving and expanding.. just like us! I wanted this collection to express the richness of my natural inspirations and to be a joyful celebration combining gorgeous color with jaw dropping feel good prints. I have 24 designs total in 3 color palettes. Natural Beauty is previewing to retailers now.. and will be available for purchase in April 2019.
“Beauty uplifts us in a reflection of our true selves – nature is our mirror” ~ Amy
All of my passions are coming together in amazing ways and my next chapter is proving to be very exciting! I am developing a new lifestyle brand with my hubby Dave and our friend Ravi Tiwari from Chandra Rugs. I’ll reel you in as we finish our first collection which is due to launch in early-ish 2019. Blossom Magazine continues to grow! As I’ve partnered with some brilliant folks who are helping me bring the magazine to the next level… print! My global workshops are also expanding as I travel to explore new locals. And my partnership with

Handel Group Life Coaching is blossoming with our new installments of monthly Facebook lives so we can share and teach the fabulous tools that have totally changed my life.

 “Walk in your great” ~ Neo
I have many resources in this newsletter that I hope are useful for you. It’s my goal to share meaningful content every which way I can. Be sure to share with your friends if one of these tidbits strikes your fancy!
I am so grateful you are here! Tell your stories, shine your light, and use your gifts. There is no one on the planet like you!
All My Love,

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