Three Months Craft Challenge:- Not Rocky just Crunchy with Chin-Chin

As Popcorn is the snack when watching movie, so is chin-chin a snack for parties, movies and other form of entertainment.

Chin-Chin is made from cookie dough. The dough is rolled out, diced or cut into strips and then fried or baked.

Chin-chin is a snack in most African Parties.

*Do not add water or fresh milk to your dough when making chin-chin because water makes the chin-chin hard while the chin-chin will taste spoilt when you add fresh milk and the chinchin passes the expiring date of the milk. Add eggs instead. If you decide to use milk, then use evaporated milk. Only use fresh milk, if the chin-chin will be consumed before the expiring date of the fresh milk.



Flour- Plain or all purpose


Eggs- fresh

Butter- unsalted or half salted and half unsalted

Sunflower oil or vegetable  oil


Deep fryer

Rolling pin


Paper towel

Tray- to put the fried chin chin


Step 1: Mix butter and sugar together until soft and creamy. Add the eggs and mix.

Step 2: Change the hook of the mixer to a dough hook. Add the flour and then mix. Make sure the dough is not hard and not too soft.


Step 3: Roll out the dough and then cut into strips. Dice the strips. You can roll it with a pasta machine if you desire.


Step 4: Heat the fryer and then fry the diced dough until golden brown.


Step 5: When the chin-chin is ready put the paper towel on the tray and then put the Chin-chin on it to drain excess oil.