Twitch TV is having a Bob Ross Paint-a-Thon to celebrate Bob Ross’ 76th birthday

Tune to and watch Bob Ross paint-a-thon on Twitch TV.

Read the press release below.


For the fourth year in a row, we are bringing you the Bob Ross Paint-a-Thon in honor of the artist’s 76th birthday. This year it is three weeks!

This year’s marathon has some special features:

1. The Pixel Hunt

You should notice the interactive pixel hunt extension on the video overlay. Join in the fun and help finish 1 new Bob painting every day!

2. Kitbash3d

Kitbash3d has been super kind in adding some of their short form productions to our marathon stream! We’ll be hosting their channel as well for some live events during our stream’s downtime.

3. Twitter Giveaways!

Bob’s birthday party continues on Twitter! Join us at @BobRossOfficial where we’re playing games for some happy little prizes! #BobRoss76Birthday

We will be playing Bob Ross episodes starting Friday at 6PM PST and ending Monday around 9pm PST.

Robert Norman “Bob” Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. He was best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, an American public television program that became the most watched painting program in the world.

If you create along with Bob Ross, tweet out your creation to @twitchcreates and @bobrossofficial!

Thanks to our friends at Janson Media and BobRoss Inc. for allowing us to broadcast The Joy of Painting!

Thanks to our friends at PBS Digital Studios for providing the Happy Little Clouds Remix!

Beginners guide to painting along with Bob!
Have you painted along with Bob Ross? Check out the awesome community of Bob Ross fans on The HappyTrees subreddit and share your creation!



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