Copyright Wars: Knots and Vibes set social media in an outcry as FashionNova allegedly infringe on their copyrighted crochet design

According to a post by Knots and Vibes on their instagram page, FashionNova has infringe in their copyrighted crochet pattern\ design.

From the screenshot.

Didn’t even want to post this on my feed cause it looks ugly but I’m so mad 😡 @fashionnova have ripped off my ‘Skin Out’ dress DETAIL FOR DETAIL 🖕I designed the green version of this in 2016 & this colour in 2017.

They’ve mass produced this with a retail price of 40USD!! That makes their production price around $13, meaning whoever crocheted this was paid less than $1 per hour. (Crochet machines do not exist, this was made by hand) Not only are they stealing my design but they’re using it to exploit people and profit from it which is the opposite of what @knots.and.vibes stands for!

They’re so lazy (and arrogant!!) that they didn’t even bother to change details of the design, it’s the same down to the number of rows in the stripes.

They know us small time designers can’t afford to take legal action… I doubt this is going to make much noise but if anyone happens to have any direct contact details for employees of @fashionnova I at least need to complain directly to them… 😢 #fashionnova #ripoff #supportsmallbusiness #supportindependentartists #supportindependentbusiness #handmade #fastfashion #ethicalfashion #supportindependentdesigners #buyhandmade #buyindependent #slowfashion #crochet #buyethical #boycottfashionnova #nofastfashion #boycottfastfashion


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