Copyright Wars: Social Media in pandemonium as Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2019 Crochet Flower Outfits allegedly infringe on Janie Crow’s copyrighted Frida’s Flowers and Lily Pond crochet pattern

According to a post by Janie Crow on her Instagram page, Dolce and Gabbana allegedly infringe on her copyrighted Frida’s Flowers and Lily Pond crochet pattern.

From the screenshot.

If you look closely you can see that this design from @dolcegabbana is spookily similar to both my Frida’s Flowers and Lily Pond CAL Projects.

Not sure whether to feel proud or angry, but know for sure that they will be making far more money out of this copy than I will as the original designer. ? #dolcegabbana #fridasflowers #fridasflowerscal #fridasflowerscal2016 #copyright #crochet #haaken #janiecrow #lilypondcal #lilypondcal2015


  1. Thew same thing has happened to me. I invented a poppy design hand painted corset dress / top that I put on Etsy and Dolce and Gabbana have blatantly copied it. Flattering, but confusing.

  2. they are eerily similar but nothing alike other than the colors and being crochet. hers are hexagonal and complicated, intricate, delicate, with depth. the d&g is square and lacks the detail/depth but has the colors.

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