Currently Working On: Machine Knitted Tuck Stitch Dress – Anino Ogunjobi

I am currently working on a knitwear using the Designaknit software and the Silver Reed SK280 Knitting Machine.

The machine has been cleaned, oiled, needles changed and sponge bar replaced.

I am using the Card 2 Punchcard and the stitch pattern that I am knitting with the punchcard is a Tuck Stitch.

Take a look at the texture of the stitch (see picture below).


Material needed

2 x 500g Robin Double Knit(DK) Yarn by Thomas B. Ramsden

Silver Reed SK280 Knitting Machine

DesignAKnit (DAK 8) charting Software

Sewing Machine

Clothes Buttons

Sewing Thread

Stitch Swatch


I have knitted the swatch, sketch the design and right now I am working on the back of the dress.


The dress would have been finished but the knitting machine started giving me some struggle yesterday. I had to use a different stitch dial, make a new swatch and restart the knitting.

Hopefully, the dress will be ready soon.

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