Magazine- Digital Craft: “Great advice for artists, from artists” Adobe Create says as it presents part 2 of its January 2019 magazine issue

Part 2 of the Adobe Create Magazine for January 2019 is out.

Topics include,

  • BALANCE WORK & LIFE : You can be a professional success and have a personal life.
  • EMBRACE LIMITATIONS: Rick Berkelmans can’t draw shoes, so his characters are often barefoot.
  • FONT PICKS FOR POSTERS: Our experts chose the best typefaces for all kinds of posters.
  • BAM! POW! WOW! The new Spider-Man movie pays homage to old print comic books.
  • SIMPLE DESIGNS SHINE: Graphic designer and letterer Natalia Elichirigoity shares her work in the new installment of “5 & 3/4 Questions.”



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