Book: Janine thanks everyone who pre-ordered the Ephemera book as she announced that the 448-page Ephemera book is now available in beautiful finished book form

According to a post by Janine, Ephemera is now available in beautiful, finished book form.

The message.

Ephemera is now available in beautiful, finished book form! It’s a big one—448 pages—full of gorgeous old papers, intriguingly distressed found bits and pieces, astounding objects of design from years past, nostalgic mementos and typographic treasures. Each of the profiled collectors not only shares favourites from their collections but also how their love of ephemera helps them create their art, express their creativity and earn a living.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered this book! My printer and mailing house are working hard at getting everything packed up and out into the postal system. I estimate that the book will start to arrive in North American mailboxes by the end of the month and overseas soon after.

I’m working on a video to show you inside. For a quick look, I’ll post one to Instagram. Thanks!


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