Craft News: Hochanda TV exposes falsehood that it is in a loss making position and its business cannot be sustained

According to a post by Hochanda TV, the claims that it is in a loss making position and that its business cannot be sustained is untrue.

From the screenshot.

It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of malicious claims being made about Hochanda.

The claims being made are implying that Hochanda is in a loss making position and that the business cannot be sustained. We want to assure you all that these claims are completely unsubstantiated and are completely untrue.

Hochanda is in a very healthy position as we have previously shared with you all, and we have substantial reserves available should we ever need them to ensure that we are around for the distant future.

Such false claims can be very upsetting to read by our hard working team who have dedicated their lives to our customers and to the craft industry.

Thank you again for all of your support and your positive comments – we are proud to have such great supporters.


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  1. Another example of how some people (basically craft trolls) delight in spreading falsehoods – it’s so prevalent, same happened with craftsuprint with totally outrageous unsubstantiated claims verging on outright libellous.. message to the band of like minded people, sad people.. get a life and stop dragging people down for no good reason.. misery likes company but stop making hard working genuine nice people miserable. Thank you

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