Reminisce of a Crafter: Tale of A Valentine Surprise

Getting a call from my husband’s friend, Xian, got me worried because Reynold, my husband just left the house to Xian’s house.

Hello, I said shakily into the phone still trying to compose myself and not believe that the worst has happened.

Hello Cheryl, Oh! Don’t be alarmed, all is well, he said.

Alright,I said as I breathed a sigh of relief.

I want to surprise my wife on Valentine’s Day. Can you plan the event for me- cakes, food, greeting cards and flowers?

It’s gonna cost you, I said laughing at the same time.

That’s no problem, just state the amount. He said.

Alright, I will send you the bill.

One other thing, can you suggest anything that needs to make a special Valentine for her? Xian asked. I want to make this Valentine memorable for her.

I got excited and started naming, instead of the usual roses, use White Tulips and I will think about others and send you the sketches and ideas in three days, I said as my mouth was running in speeches as if I was in a competition.

Noted! I will do that. I trust your opinion. Women do know what women want. If it fails I will hold you responsible..he said.

Haaaahaaahaaaa…. don’t worry, I will bear the burden. Just not gonna give you the excuse not to give her a treat, I replied.

Your husband wants to speak with you, please hold the line, Xian said as he passed the phone to my husband while I waited patiently for my husband’s voice to come through the phone.

Hello love,  thanks for helping a friend. I told him that you would know how a woman should be treated.

Hahaha.. thanks for the customer, love, I said. See you later. Got to start planning, Bye for now, I said as I put the phone down.

Sketchbook and graphics software ready, I started planning and designing. I can’t fail this. I have already billed him aside that my husband has gone to boast. This man will get me in trouble one day, hope not!

I started sketching and scribbling ideas down. Should the cake be buttercream or fondant? I asked myself. Xian’s wife loves both,  I will make a buttercream and a fondant icing cake.

Now, I have to plan the event. From the information that I gathered from Xian, this Valentine looks suspicious. Oh! well, perhaps it is just me thinking weirdly.

Three days later, I got the perfect plan. I included the food too. Event planning is cool. I made some notecards for each year that they have been married.

I am going to add my personal touch. Meanwhile, my husband was smiling as I talked to myself during each process at home.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, Xian just texted and he asked if you could pick a nice dress and shoes. He would like you to design it and perhaps get it done. He wants it unique. The size is 12.

Looking at it, that is my size. This is exactly my size, I said.

Never mind, his wife uses the same size as you.

Everything is finally ready on the 14th.  Everything is set to be delivered.

I have cleaned my house and also made some food, cakes, and wine, some friends may come by.

I decided to have my bathe and set off to do the delivery. My husband is going to help me in setting up the decorations while I do the other things.

I laid my dress on the bed and got to have a soak.  When I came out, my dress was gone and replaced with a box. I opened the box and it was the dress that I designed for Xian’s wife.

What!!!! I screamed as I called my husband to stop this nonsense.

He then came in smiling and said that the dress and the pair of shoes were for me.

I was shocked. I took a peep at the sitting room, He had already decorated it.

Then he told me that the things that Xian, his friend, ordered were on behalf of him.

He wanted to give me a special and surprise Valentine’s Day.