Digital Craft: Designing Mandala in Clip Studio Paint

Having a play with designing mandala in Clip Studio Paint Software.

Material needed

Graphics tablet and its stylus- I am using Trust

Graphics software- Clip Studio Paint


Step 1: Open a new document by click on file > new> decide the size, resolution, paper colour, use of work ( illustration, comic or animation), basic expression colour.


Step 2: Click on the Ruler icon in tools, the sub tool ruler menu appears, click on symmetrical ruler, and in the tool property – decide the number of lines, tick line symmetry,


Step 3: Using the mouse , select a point on the document \ page and then drag the mouse across. Release the mouse and the symmetry will appear.


Step 4: Select a colour of choice from the colour palette. Select a pen or pencil in the tool palette> In the Sub tool menu,  decide its type > resize it if desire – In the tool property palette or the Brush size  and then draw.


Step 5: Design your mandala. Change colours if you desire.



Step 6: Alternatively, play with different angles by clicking on the “step of angle” in the  symmetry ruler tool property.


Step 7: Drag the mouse across the page to create the symmetry ruler.


Step 8: Two or more symmetry ruler can be created on the same document.


Step 9: Draw your design on any of the symmetry ruler. This design has been created using two symmetry ruler on the document.


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