Beading: Strobe,  Minstrel,  Sonata,  Conductor, Colourize in Fire Mountain Gems wedding jewelry trends for 2019 Spring & Summer

Fire Mountain Gems list their wedding jewelry trends for 2019 Spring and Summer.

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Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2019 Spring and Summer

Brides are channeling royal romance this season with soft pastels accompanying the traditional white of pearls and clear of crystal. Wedding jewelry is complementing everything from wedding-worthy pantsuits, to understated dresses, to bold ball gowns.

A mix of light and dark, feminine and masculine, this season’s wedding palette is gentle and allows all colors to shine.

Strobe: Bright yet cool seafoam Strobe is perfect for adding pops of color that don’t overwhelm. This green-blue hue is the boldest of the palette used to create striking color pairings.

Minstrel: A beige neutral is always a good idea as a base. Other hues from the palette can stand out, while Minstrel provides gentle background color.

Sonata: Soft pink for the blushing bride. Sonata is feminine without being too “girly,” and isn’t just for the bride. The gentle hue looks smart on groom accessories!

Conductor: Soft smoky grey is the darkest color of this wedding season’s palette. While Conductor is a base hue, it stands out while making brights seem brighter.