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The problem is, UK manufacturers in particular, are all pretty busy these days, and many of them don’t even advertise.

Trying to find them can be tough. Getting a favourable response can be even tougher.

You find yourself confused by all of the different types of manufacturers and the processes involved and even when you find a manufacturer you’re not sure they’re right one for you.

And finding anyone willing to make small quantities, or offer advice, seems impossible.

You may even have started to lose motivation – despairing of ever getting your project off the ground!

You can spend hours looking for manufacturers and get nowhere

So many people give up because they can’t find the perfect UK manufacturer. They try everything but no one gets back to them and they begin to give up hope.They end up getting disillusioned and taking their production overseas, because someone misadvised them.

Too many businesses use factories overseas because they think it will be cheaper, only to bring the production back to the UK because it didn’t work out. Late deliveries, poor quality products, or whole shipments of garments that are made incorrectly.

I’ve seen people, with fantastic ideas for products, waste £1000s on trying to get them produced because they didn’t know how to navigate the manufacturing process successfully – or even find the right factory to work with..

Working with the wrong manufacturer can lead to expensive mistakes, and time and budget wasted.

As can not communicating clearly with a manufacturer right from the start.

I’ve helped hundreds of people find and successfully work with UK Manufacturers – across all sorts of product areas. And I’ve written an online course that can help you find, and successfully work with, your perfect UK Manufacturer.

The Get Set for Manufacturing Course includes:

📌 4 Modules containing videos that walk you through step by step

📌 Live video calls to ask questions & get support about your product idea

📌 Workbooks for you to document everything as you go

📌 Templates & Tools including tech pack templates, glossary and checklist

📌 Exclusive Access to an online forum for those in the programme

Follow the link to find out more https://mib.live/2FVj1jL


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