Colour Influencer: Outshine the competition with metallic colours, Pantone “colour hex-codes” as it speaks metallics into packaging

Pantone converses on how to work Pantone metallics into packaging.

From the poster.

Outshine the competition with metallic colors ✨

How to work with Pantone Metallics to create packaging designs that outshine the competition.

A conversation with Scott Hosa, associate director of  technical graphics at Landor Associates.

One of the key challenges facing every packaging designer is how to help your client’s product stand out. since a potential consumer gets their first impression of a product through its packaging, impactful design can provide the competitive advantage necessary to make it off the shelf, and into their cart.

Scott Hosa shares some of his favourite examples of metallics used to enhance premium product packaging, as well as tips on how to work with your printer to get the most out of your designs.


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