Craft News: “We are deeply sorry that we could not sustain the business” Kollage Needles purl tearfully as the company bade farewell to the crafting community and customers

Kollage Needles have closed.

Read the press release.


We purchased Kollage Needles exactly 3 years ago. We have been passionate about bringing North American-made, ergonomic knitting needles and crochet hooks to the market. Over the course of our ownership, we steadily grew. Square™ needles are a product that customers were eager to buy, and a product we were excited to manufacture. In the end, however, the sales were not enough to overcome the debt we incurred to purchase and operate the company.  We have no other alternative but to close operations.

We want to thank all of our customers for their business and support. We have adored watching your knitting and crochet projects come to life! And each and every testimonial telling us about how ergonomic Square™ needles allowed you to knit pain-free brought joy to our hearts. We are deeply sorry that we could not sustain the business.

Kollage Needles and Hooks will be available from our retailers while supplies last. As we have significant inventory, please visit your local yarn store or online shop and purchase your favorite sizes while they are still available.

Thank you for a wonderful three years!



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