Reminisce of a Crafter: The Last Minute Sewist- #TheBleedingFinger

Cheryl tells us about her procrastinating habit as a sewist.

Just a little here, just a little there, I said and in a moment of shock, I stitched my finger when I heard the blaring of the car horn from my husband, alerting me that we were running late to the occasion.

All these started with a little procrastination here and there… There is still time. I don’t have the zeal to sew now. I can make it in the next 2-hour maximum… these are my words to procrastinate until it is the last minute.

I really do not know but anytime I have to sew something, I like doing it at the last minute to the occasion.

I have planned for this occasion for a month. Everything needed to make this dress for the occasion is ready except the passion of this sewist.

I tried cutting the fabric but I didn’t feel like it, so I set the fabric aside and did other things until the last minute.

The previous day( Saturday – the day before the occasion), I cut the fabric and stitched the garment. I became tired and left the finishing for the next day.

Waking up at 5AM the next day (Sunday) to do the finishing on the dress. I can finish this dress before 7AM I said to myself, A little floral embellishment here, one more fitting and we are done. I nodded to myself.

What can possibly go wrong can go wrong but the dress is almost complete and I can still wear as it is without the finishing.

Still in my pyjamas, I took my sewing machine to the sitting room to start working since I will be preparing breakfast and baking some cupcakes at the same time( I don’t want to forget that I am cooking and then burn the food).

I set the sewing machine to start stitching and I decided to do more than I bargained for…(the mistake I am in the process of making).

As I was stitching the sewing needle got broken, I had to change it and being in haste the box of sewing pins fell on the rug. Oh my! I have to pick these before my children wake. I have two toddlers who I have to be very careful of things around, for my other child, he is older, all he needs is a warning. I set down to pick the sewing pins using magnets. I picked all the pins.

I started looking for the sewing needles, I have used the last one. I remember that I have another sewing machine that may have a needle in it. I took six giant strides toward the sewing machine in the craft room. I was in luck, the sewing machine did have a needle in it. I started loosening the nuts using a screwdriver to release the sewing needle. I finally got the needle and rushed to the sitting room to continue sewing.

Before I could sit properly to sew, my children woke and it is time for mom’s duty. I heard a sizzling sound in the kitchen, the food was burning. Hmmm! I got the children ready and had to get myself ready too. We ate and got the items for the occasion packed. I did my hair and make-up not forgetting that.

I came back to my dress and continued stitching, as my family went to the car. I told them that I will be ready in fifteen minutes. It will take my husband some minutes to check the car and get our toddlers in their car seat with the seat belt in place.

As I was sewing the last stitch before cutting the thread from the sewing machine and the garment, I heard the blaring of the car horn and I jolted, looked up and didn’t stop stitching or removing my foot from the sewing machine pedal, the next thing I felt was a pierce on my fingers and there was blood dripping on the sewing machine. Luckily, the dress wasn’t stained.

I ran for the first aid kit while applying pressure with my thumb and the fore-finger of my right hand over and under the fore-finger(bleeding finger) of my left hand. I cleaned the bloodstain and I put a plaster on my finger and then a bandage over it to keep the pressure.

I got dressed in the same gown that I was stitching and headed to the car for the occasion. My family was already seated in the car. I got in and they were surprised to see my finger in a bandage.

That day, I made a promise to myself never to sew any garment at the last minute but that promise is yet to be fulfilled. I have become worse than the promise… laughing.

This same last-minute sewing has made me miss another occasion, I will tell you about it in the next post.