Reminisce of a Crafter: The Last-Minute Sewist- #TheMissedParty

Here is another of Cheryl’s tales on being a last-minute sewist.

I don’t think I have learned from my past mistake of piercing my finger while sewing in a last-minute rush and shock.

Despite my love for sewing, I am still a last-minute sewist.

Anytime someone says make this for me, I decline because of this habit that I haven’t repented from.

Receiving an invitation to a fiftieth birthday party sets my heart racing and my thoughts on what to wear and many more.

The invitation came with colour codes for the celebrant’s friends. There were three colours.

My designing muse came into place and I started sketching not to upstage the celebrant but to be stylish too because this celebrant would not invite me if I did not look elegant to her party. This celebrant is a little flamboyant commanding elegance in speech, dressing and all.

As usual, I designed the dress and left it for the latter to sew because my procrastinating self took hold again.

A week before the party, I cut the dress pattern but didn’t sew it. I tried getting everything ready and discovered that I had no invisible zip of the length that I required.  I ordered the zip from an online store and it was delivered two days later, that should have made me sew the dress and leave the zipper insert until it arrived but no, I left everything until the night before the party.

The invitation has a gold headtie- an African headtie called Gelé. I went for a Bordeaux-style Mermaid Tail Gown(off-shoulder) with frills dangling down a floral embellishment.

I sewed and finished the gown, and made a matching beaded jewellery set- earrings, bracelet and necklace. I decided to take a little nap since I finished on time at 8AM the next morning that is the morning of the party and became tired.

I set my alarm to wake me one hour before I am to set out for the party. I was so tired that when the alarm rang, I said to myself, just a little sleep and I will be on my way. I was so tired that I dreamed of having my bath, getting ready and attending the party.

When I woke, I checked and saw that my alarm was reading three missed alarms. I took a look at the clock, oh, it was 4pm. I had slept for most of the day.

I had missed the church’s thanksgiving and the reception.

I snuggled back into bed and continued sleeping.

I haven’t learned my lesson yet. The only lesson I have learned is to get another dress ready by making a plan B.