Craft Company: “It ends well” as Spoonflower makes plans to stop producing Gift Wrap

Spoonflower is preparing to stop producing Gift Wrap.

Read the press release.

Important update on Gift Wrap
We have made the difficult decision to retire our Gift Wrap. To better increase efficiencies in our factories, reducing waste and our ecological footprint, we have decided to dedicate more space and printers to our increasingly successful wallpaper business.
If you love creative gift giving ideas, here are two ways you can still use Spoonflower for unique packaging:
  • Smooth Wallpaper: It’s an insider secret that this paper is quite similar in texture and feel to our Gift Wrap. You can order it in a smaller roll to get just what you need. A swatch can even turn into a gift box!
  • Fabric: Add your favorite design on a yard or meter of fabric as an eco-friendly way to wrap gifts, in the traditional style of Japanese Furoshiki. As a bonus, the receiver can reuse the fabric for another project. Learn some fabric tying techniques here.
If you are a designer with designs available only on Gift Wrap, they will no longer appear in the Marketplace once Gift Wrap has been retired. You are free to make these designs available for sale on fabric or wallpaper if you like!
We estimate that our supply of Gift Wrap will last through the end of August 2019, but it may deplete sooner, so stock up now if you need to.
As always, please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions. We understand that product changes can be difficult, and we aim to support you through the transition in all the ways that we can.
We are grateful to have you as part of our community!

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